Councillor Cuts Back Hedgerow to Make Safe

Councillor David Eggleton cut back a hedgerow which has severely overgrown a pavement on Greys Road, near the entrance to Sherwood Gardens.

David said, “I was really concerned when I was told that an elderly lady from Gainsborough had been seen walking in the road along here and had told the person that she didn’t want to walk on what was left of the very narrow pavement or walk on the uneven grass area.”

David has cut back the first part of the area which as uncovered the full width of the original pavement.  The problem was added to Fix My Street on Monday with the photos taken by the Herald and David.    The problem has been referred to a team for investigation.

Before cutting the hedgerow, David checked for nesting birds.  He added, “This area needs to have proper annual maintenance to keep the pavement clear as it is a well used route for school children and residents visiting the parade of shops.  At the moment it is really hazardous for the elderly and people with visual impairment.  I hope that OCC makes this a priority.”


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