Cafe Scientifique Presents Earthworms: The Unsung Hero of the Soil

Wednesday 21 June
Henley Hockey Club

Why do butterflies and bees get all the attention? Without earthworms in the soil, we lose approximately 70% of our invertebrate biomass in the soil.

Learn about their importance in soil and food systems, and see them through a different lens.

We will cover the basic earthworm ecology, their role in the soil, and how we can better look after them.

Speaker – Danielle Semple

Assistant Programme Coordinator at FarmED, the Centre of Farming and Food Education in the Cotswolds. 

After completing a BSc in Geography, Danielle first joined FarmED as an Intern, and developed her knowledge on earthworms in the food and farming systems.

Danielle is now more involved in the education team,  and is passionate about educating people on how we can better produce

nutrient dense seasonal food, supporting local farmers.

Registrations are needed to book a space via


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