Henley’s Commercial Tenants Facing Future Challenges

The Government’s new EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) requirements for commercial property could seriously damage and change the face of the high street by them increasing the minimum rating of E to C by April 2027 and B by April 2030.

Currently nearly 60% of non-domestic properties in England have an EPC of D or lower, and the older the building is the worse its EPC is likely to be.  The Government has taken this action to help achieve its target of net zero by 2050.

It will mean that landlords will need to invest in their properties to improve their energy efficiency perhaps by installing insulation, double glazing and/or an energy efficient boiler.  Landlords may decide to increase their rents to cover these new costs.

If landlords do not comply there are financial penalties to each lease that breaches the requirement – not the whole building.

Chair of Henley Town Council’s Climate Emergency Committee said, “Henley has a large amount of old property with non-domestic tenants and landlords of these properties will face large investments to comply with EPC standards. Leaving until 2030 to take the necessary action would be too late and the commercial face of Henley may change.”


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