HAODS Under Milk Wood Transports You on a Memorable Journey into Welsh Life

When we saw Under Milk Wood advertised we knew we had to go and see it.  Once again HAODS did not disappoint.

We were transported to the village of Llareggub, where the lives of the residents were about to be revealed.

The play began with three people on stage and two women reading very long passages.  The sound and lighting were done very well – lots of fog and smoke!!  Then two gentlemen gave a rendition of what they must do for example they needed to dust the parlour, spray the canary and search the pig for fleas.  The readings were done well and brought the small Welsh village to life.

All the characters were played well it would be wrong to single any out.  Their names were excellent Organ Morgan – the organist and Willy Nilly the postman who walks fourteen miles to deliver the post.

Then a group tour arrived in Llareggub – a hill walker and weekend motorist arrive in this small Welsh village.  The Hallelujah chorus was played after a young Mum spoke to her baby.  So much took place in this small Welsh village as part of the audience we were taken on a memorable journey into the heart of Llareggub which was total testament to the talent and dedication of the cast.

Thank you once again to HAODS for a wonderful evening – a HAODS Studio Fringe Production.  Great drama at affordable prices.

Karen Washbourn



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