Controlled Explosion to Dispose of Item Recovered From River

A piece of historic ordnance was pulled out of the river on Sunday by a person fishing using a magnet device.  The police were called to the scene and cordoned off an area around Ferry Lane in Aston from about 11am and boats were restricted on the river.

The incident was dealt with Explosive Ordnance Disposal who carried out a controlled explosion to dispose of the item.

One witness said, “We were stuck in Hambleden lock for 2 hours while they blew up a 95mm incendiary device.  Sue Turner who was near the scene said, “I was going to join some friends on their boat which was moored halfway between Ferry Lane in Aston and Remenham church.  Initially, we drove to Ferry Lane and when we got there about 4pm the police had cordoned off the jetty and the footpath.  We were told there was a device in the water.  We drove back to the church and walked from there. We then motored down to Hambleden lock and the lock keeper told us we could not go through for some time because of the device.   We were finally allowed to go through the lock about 7pm.  Scary though as a lot of people I know swim in the river from that jetty.”


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