Twinning Association Upcoming Events

Film Nights

The final film showing for the time being will be the German film ‘Wings of Desire’. This will be shown at 7pm on Tuesday 20 June in the Kings Arms Barn.

Café Parlez

Sally-Anne Lenton has taken over the responsibility for organising Café Parlez (French conversation). The sessions are open to everyone, and are great fun, no matter what your level of spoken French is. If you would like to take part, either just turn up on the day, or contact All sessions take place at Café Rouge at 7.30pm. Dates for June and July are Tuesday 13 June, Wednesday 28 June, Tuesday 11 July and Wednesday 26 July.


The Deutschkreis (German conversation) sessions take place in a variety of venues at 2.30pm. Friendly, interesting German conversation (plus cake) are always provided. You would be very welcome to come along, no matter what your level of spoken German is. If you would like to come along, please contact either Sheila Dickie or Madeline Fyans These are the dates that have been planned for June are Tuesday 13 June and Tuesday 27 June.

Summer Party

This year’s Summer party will take place on Sunday 23 July, venue and time to be decided.

The Association are looking forward to welcoming a party of around 40 people from Falaise (including their Mayor) to Henley on Saturday 21 October. They will stay with in Henley for three nights and will join in a programme of activities arranged by the HFLTA. If you would like get involved please contact Sue Fitzsimons at

Football Exchange

We are expecting to welcome a football team from Leichlingen this October, with a return visit being planned for Easter 2024


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