House Gets Planning Approval to Paint House Dark Grey in Conservation Area

A house in King’s Road received permitted development planning approval to paint their house in dark grey paint in May and work started this week.

The SODC planning officer’s report states, that although the house is “within a Conservation Area, there are no Article 4 directions (restrictions) restricting development of the dwelling.”  There are no comments on the planning application from the Conservation Officer and no site visit was made.

Henley Town Council have no authority to make recommendations to SODC on General Permitted Development Order applications but these are included on their Planning Committee Agendas and are noted.

A spokesperson for SODC said, “The application was solely to establish whether the painting of the house was permitted development. As the impact on the Conservation Area was not a material consideration, a consultation with Conservation was not necessary.  The relevant class of the General Permitted Development Order does not specify or exclude any paint colours.”

Householder, Emma Wallace-Madeley “We’ve admired the other houses that have been painted on King’s Road and so approached SODC to do likewise, and they gave formal permission.”

Chair of the Henley Town Council Planning Committee, Councillor Tom Buckley said, “In regards to 1A Kings Road, HTC noted the certificate of lawful development from SODC at Planning Meeting on 28th March. There was no comment from the conservation officer. SODC have confirmed to HTC that they knew of no reason for Conservation Officer to be involved and no planning permission was needed to paint exterior of the house; nor was there anything they could do in regards to the colour chosen.”


  1. A Neighbour says:

    Unbelievable considering no sky dishes can face the highway on this Conservation road and owners have to go to extra expense to install them away from view.

  2. Another neighbour says:

    It looks terrible & cheap. Plus will flake & look run down in few years without constant attention.

    SODC needs to learn from this as obviously some homeowners do not understand the meaning & need of conservation.


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