Travelling From Henley To London: Direct Routes For A Straightforward Journey

Henley-On-Thames might only be 33 miles from London, but there are currently no direct trains between the two popular Southern hotspots.

While the town is a popular commuter hub for those who work in the capital but don’t want the expense and crowding that comes with living there, Henley isn’t directly linked to London by train, which is usually the most convenient solution for short journeys.

Thankfully, there are still some direct routes to reach London from Henley without having to drive yourself, as we explore in this blog post.

Hire A Chauffer

For anyone who doesn’t want to drive themselves to London but is eager to enjoy the convenience and comfort that a private car offers, then hiring a chauffeur could be an ideal alternative. They can pick you up from your home and take you where you need to be in the comfort of a top-of-the-range vehicle. If you need a Chauffeur Service in and around London, you might think it’s expensive, but it could be worth the money. When you hire a Chauffeur in London from S&S Prestige Services, you’ll get a first-class service at a competitive rate so that you can travel in style.

Get The Bus

If you’d prefer to travel by public transport and want a direct route, then the train isn’t the way to go: instead, try taking the bus. There are direct buses from Henley to London, so you can get on the bus, sit back and enjoy the ride. Taking the bus is a relaxing way to see the sights through the large window without having to interact with too many other people. Taking the bus is good for the environment and a great way for you to get where you need to be without having to keep making loads of changes during your journey. The bus is a perfect solution for commuters who regularly travel into London from Henley and don’t want to rely on their cars all the time.

Take A Boat Trip

Want something a little different? Why not try a boat trip from Henley to London?! As its full name suggests, Henley-On-Thames is adjacent to the river Thames, which also runs through London. Some boat charter companies offer trips that traverse the river and show you the sights, then drop you off to do some exploring on land before taking you back. Others will allow you to charter your own boat, which you can then use to get yourself to London. Going by boat is a fun alternative to driving, and while it might not be ideal for a regular commute, it can make for a great day out. So, if you love the water and want to see the best that Henley and the Thames have to offer, consider visiting London by boat.

Henley is a stunning town, but the capital city is the place to be sometimes. Whether you want a day out sightseeing or need to do some work in London, these are some creative ways you can get there directly and comfortably.


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