Bowling Club Enjoy Undefeated Week

On the evening of Wednesday 6 June, Henley visited Didcot in a Plomer Cup League five mixed triples match winning on four rinks 88-47, resulting in 10 points to Henley and 2 to Didcot. Serious traffic congestion around Wallingford caused Henley to be be one player short and the delayed start reduced the match from eighteen to fifteen ends. Joan Edwards with Nigel Bridges played on the team with one player short and were evenly matched 6 all after nine ends, were 5 up after twelve ends and drawing 11 all after fifteen ends. Under league rules their overall score was reduced by a quarter to eight resulting in a loss on this rink of 8-11. Barrie Davies with Sally Daniells and Jo Wilson were 5 down after three ends, level after eight ends then picked up two 7s to finish 24-10. Gill Robins with Norman Daniells and Peter Falle started well scoring regularly on eleven of the fifteen ends to run out winners 18-6. Dave Wilson with Jeanie Davies and Peter Watkins started slowly, were 4 down after ten ends, then scored regularly over the next five ends to win 14-8. Peter Borsberry with Andy Scott and Angelika Crisa started strongly, were 8-0 up after seven ends, fell away to 12 all, then picked up 2 on end fifteen to win 14-12.

On Saturday 10 June, Henley visited Island Bohemians in a five mixed triples friendly match winning on all rinks 91-48. The match was reduced to fifteen ends because of the expected high temperatures. Andy Scott with Jeanie Davies and Maurice Robins led from the start winning 20-5. David Burdon with Trish Jones and Brian Duddy were 4 all after six ends then steadily pulled away to win 21-8. Barrie Davies with Peter Falle and Glynis Holland started strongly taking an 8 shot lead after seven ends, fell back to a 3 shot lead after ten ends but then pulled away winning 17-8. Joan Edwards with Roy Holland and Romy Painter were level 4 all after five ends, pulled away to 12 up after nine endsbut held on to win 18-14. Peter Borsberry with Nigel Bridges and Keith Lawrance were level 7 all after eight ends, pulled away to 6 up after eleven ends and held on to win 15-13.

On Sunday 11 June, Henley entertained Maiden Erlegh in an OTL five mixed triples match which as drawn 79-79. Henley gained 6 points the the visitor’s 8. This was a game which again was affected by the weather but not a heatwave this time, instead a thunderstorm curtailed the match right at the end. Norman Daniells with Jeanie and Peter Falle led from the start, and raced to a 12 shot lead after ten ends winning 22-6. Gill Robins with Andy Scott and Peter Watkins started slowly, were 10 down after seven ends, pulled back to 10 all after eleven ends, then managed to just finish 1 up with the score 15-14. Peter Borsberry with Simon Hatcher and Joan Edwards were fairly evenly matched after nine ends, fell away to 8 down after thirteen ends, pulled back to 13-16 after sixteen ends, but went down 14-18. Barrie Davies with Steve Sullivan and Sally Daniells were 5 up after ten ends, dropped 11 over the next four ends, picked up a 4 and 1 to be 15-16 after sixteen ends, dropped 4 over the last two ends so lost 15-20. Kevin Currill with Martin Cranstoun and Angelika Crisa were 5 up after 6 ends, fell away to 6 down after eleven ends, couldn’t pull back, and went down 13-21.


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