Save The Date for Regatta for Disabled

With Summer approaching, and as activities for families increase, save the date for Regatta for the Disabled – R4D in September and enjoy a fantastic day out on Saturday 2 September.

This exciting event has everything to offer especially aimed at people with a disability and to enable them to enjoy activities on the river and the land not normally accessible to them.

There will be so much to do in the Paddock and on the River – free boat rides throughout the day, and the highlight of the event, the Bellboat competition with prizes for the winners.  Enter a team in the Bellboat competition and experience the fun of being part of the winning team.  Bellboat racing is fun and competitive giving schools, charities and organisations the chance to race against each other.  The Bellboating creates a great competitive atmosphere throughout the day whilst raising money for charity.

Land based activities, which take place in The Paddock at Phyllis Court Club alongside the River Thames include so many exciting things to see and do – Climbing Wall, Punch & Judy, Ergos, Petting Zoo, Archery, face painting, and much much more.  There will be food, drink and entertainment throughout the event.

Parking is free and there are plenty of areas where you can sit and relax, watch the river activities and enjoy the fun of the events taking place in the Paddock.

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