Crews Complete 100-Mile Row to Give More Young People Access to Rowing

Three rowing crews completed a marathon 100 mile row from Falcon Boat Club in Oxford to Fulham Reach Boat Club (FRBC) over the weekend to raise money in support of FRBC’s ‘Rowing for All’ initiative stopping off at Henley Rowing Club on Saturday.

Battling through the heat and the heavy downpours on Sunday, the crews arrived safely at FRBC on Monday after setting off from Staines in the morning.

Fulham Reach Boat Club is a charity and community boat club that has a unique vision to improve lives through rowing by providing Rowing for All. They aim to give access to rowing to a cross section of their community especially those who are most in need because of financial hardship or social circumstance and help them realise their full potential both on and off the water.

The Row100 challenge event will raise money to provide junior bursaries to support young people. These bursaries enable local young people, who have tried rowing through their state school rowing programme or the Free Water Sports Weeks over the long school holidays, to continue to row at FRBC, even if they lack the financial means to do so.

FRBC CEO, Steve O’Connor who will taking up his new post of Director at the River & Rowing Museum shortly said, “The Row100 was my last event with FRBC and I was genuinely emotional to see 50 of our members and supporters take on this 100-mile relay row. It was hugely inspiring, especially as they raised enough money to support 25 young people, from some of London’s poorest communities, to take part in sessions for a year.  Whilst our members were pushing their limits between Oxford and London, back at FRBC we also had Olympic Champion (and FRBC Ambassador), Mohamed Sbihi on the water with some of our current Bursary students and nine young people from across Hammersmith competing at a local regatta.  This tops off a total of 89 water sessions that happened last week for our community.  We are continuing to help a more diverse community get access to the water and with this support; we are able truly to change people’s lives for the better both on and off the water.  Next year we’ll even fit in a tour of the museum!”

My son started rowing at FRBC through his local state school (WLFS); it was lovely to see him and his friends on the water and how Fulham Reach gave these school kids the possibility to try out something which always seemed beyond their reach. We rowed this marathon to make sure that talented local kids can continue to row at our club and develop themselves, competitively or recreationally. At the end after such a difficult, bonding and amazing experience of rowing a marathon distance and going through 11 locks, through hale and thunderstorm as well as scorching sun, and visiting some upstream traditional rowing clubs and gorgeous countryside stretches, we also realised and reaffirmed how special FRBC is: Its club camaraderie, the staff, volunteers and coaches, the charity mission (both for local London teenagers and prisoners), and we felt proud about our Hammersmith stretch with its tidal challenges and somewhat dirty water… This reflection made it even more meaningful to continue rowing for our local community,” said Gilat Levy.

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  1. marcel stchedroff says:

    I’m delighted, as many others must be as well, to read about the significant contribution that ‘the big-row’ has made for many deserving learner rowers & their enablers too. Well done all of you & continue this excellent effort!


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