Remenham Angling Society Dive Into Fishing Season

The Remenham Angling Society held their first match of the year last Sunday. Despite a fairly slow start, all six competitors managed to catch something to kick off the fishing season.

The match began bright and early at 6:30am at Cottage Reach (beyond Marsh Lock), and competitors had until 12:30pm to reel in as much as possible. Adrian Vincent finished in first place, catching 9lb 4oz in total. Andy Crook was second with his catch of 3lb 4oz, which included a slippery eel (which doesn’t count).

James Morl, a member of the Angling Society for approx 35 years, took part in Sunday’s match. He said, “I used to fish up here as a teenager, and that’s why Kev, Andy and myself decided to try and get this stretch of the river fishing again. Unfortunately, lots of people have moved over to fishing into lakes, and it’s such a shame. As kids, we used to come out and fish with the seniors of the club, so we wanted to see if we can do something similar and attract the kids back out.”

The next match will take place this Sunday, 25 June. To find out more about the Remenham Angling Society, or to get involved, visit their website.

The Angling Society would like open water swimmers to be aware that matches will be taking place regularly throughout the season. Competitions will be held along the stretch of river upstream of Marsh Lock; the Angling Society are planning to mark the start and end of the fishing section with sail flags.

Full Results

Adrian Vincent – 9lb 4oz
Andy Crook – 3lb 4oz
Gary Fulbrook – 1lb 12oz
Nick Coulson – 1lb 5 oz
Kevin Crook – 1lb
James Morl – 1lb


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