You’d Be ‘Crazy’ to Miss Queens of Country Music Show

Country Music fans are in for treat this July at the Kenton Theatre.  It will take you on a musical journey that will see you dancing in the aisles.

The Queens of Country show will be coming to the Kenton on 15 July and will feature songs from early legends such as Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette like ‘Crazy’, ‘Coalminers Daughter’, ‘Stand by your man’, ‘Blanket on the ground’, ‘Sweet nothings’ and ‘Don’t it make your brown eyes blue’.

The Queens of Country show first hit the road in 2015 and is the brainchild of Trev Newnham who is bass player vocalist in the Illegal Eagles. Trev said, “I’ve always loved country music and it’s a growing genre in the UK at present with numerous festivals around the country. We wanted to celebrate the greatest female country stars, and their songs, in a touring show. So I put together an amazing band of musicians to make the songs sound authentic, as well as three incredibly talented vocalists to front the songs. My wife Sarah is one of the principle vocalists and its amazing that we get to share this project together.”

Country music has evolved immensely over the years and the band celebrate this by covering more contemporary artists such as The Judd’s, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, LeAnn Rimes and the ‘Queen of Country-Pop’ Shania Twain as well as the undisputed ‘Queen of Country’ Dolly Parton with the show featuring a whole medley section is dedicated to her in what they call The Dolly Mixture!

Sarah, Farli and Louise are all fantastic vocalists and very charismatic performers who love the genre and have so much fun performing these songs. There are multiple costume changes from the girls as they take the audience on a journey covering Tammy Wynette and Patsy Cline right up to modern artists such as Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood and of course Dolly Parton.

Trev added, “There really is something for everyone in this show and we love to hear our audiences singing these classics back to us night after night. It’s such a feel-good show and definitely a great way to spend a summers evening.”

Tickets are £27 and show kicks off at 7.30pm.  To book tickets go to


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