Red Lion Lawn Vandalised

Red Lion Lawn was vandalised on Saturday night with paint being thrown and splashed over furniture and boats and graffiti added to the walls.

Jim Sneddon who has the license from Henley Town Council found the mess on Sunday morning and alerted the Town Council’s Park Services.

On Monday, Jacobini Wine Bar who are operating a bar on Red Lion Lawn under Jim’s licence for the summer helped clear up the mess with Park Services.

Jim said, “This is just what we don’t need before Regatta.  It’s really disappointing.  The police were informed and we’ve been told that graffiti tagger is known to them.  It’s a shame that the old lights were not refurbished properly and not just capped off so it makes the whole area dark and that the £5,000 allocated for CCTV by the Council was reallocated for something else 4 years ago so it’s an easy target for vandalism.”



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