Radio Panel Show Serves Up Funny Food Quips at The Kenton

The Kenton was host to BBC Radio 4’s popular radio show The Kitchen Cabinet on Monday evening.

Joining host Jay Rayner were panellists Ixta Belfrage, Zoe Laughlin, Lerato Umah-Shaylor and Tom Kerridge.

The show opened with host Jay asking the panel what repetitive chores they like doing in the kitchen.  Other discussions were around the evolving of the pub food over the years and a hilarious Top 5 vessels that pub food is served in or on!

Questions were submitted beforehand from audience members, two of which were from Henley residents Clive Williams and Louise Sadler also member of HOT WI and famous knitter of post box toppers).  Clive’s question was about what you do when you come home without half the stuff from shopping because it’s sold out particular when it is Henley Regatta and have to do a fridge raid and Louise wanted to know what fruits the panel would suggest pairing with a protein in a salad.

Johnpaul Maillard aka Johnny HoT Stuff who produces hot chilli sauces locally was invited by the show for the panel to sample a range of his products including his sauces and jams.  Tom Kerridge particularly liked Jonny’s chilli jam saying it was “delicious and beautiful”. 

Afterwards Johnny said, “I can take criticism but it is lovely to see people genuinely liking my stuff particular someone who knows their food.  To get that reaction from Tom is wonderful.”

Jay Rayner said afterwards, “It’s delighted to be in Henley for our 41st series of The Kitchen Cabinet.  One of the joys of this show is you get to meet local producers like Jonny Maillard who are the beating heart of food communities all over the country.”

The show went off smoothly with only a couple of retakes of sections at the end and some funny parts where Jay said something risqué which he said wouldn’t make the cut.

Kenton Theatre Manager, Lottie Pheasant said afterwards, “It was an absolute pleasure to host the show here.  We have had some great feedback from the both the production team and the audience and I hope we can do another radio show again soon.”

The show will be broadcast on 29 July.  The show will be edited before it goes out on air, only half of what was recorded will make the final show so it may not feature the questions referenced in this article.


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