Henley Regatta Day 2 – Sunshine & Smiles

On day two of HRR 2023, the sun made a welcome appearance and there were big smiles on faces of winning crews and their supporters.

To catch up on the results from the late races last night (Tuesday) Upper Thames RC in the Wyfold (M4-) beat Monmouth Rowing Club easily by 4 1/2 lengths in a time of 7 mins 33 seconds.  In a local derby in the Fawley Cup (JM4x) Leander beat Shiplake College in a close race winning by just 2/3 of a length.

On day two (Wednesday) Leander had a mixed day.  In the Visitors’ (M4-) a mixed crew with Real Club Espana were beaten by the Dutch crew of ASR Nereus by 3 lengths and Tim Schroder went out in the first round of the Diamond (single sculls) being beaten by T Jones of Rowing Canada by 2 1/2 lengths.  In the Visitors’ (M4-)  Leander Club beat Salisbury School, USA in 1¾ lengths and in the Thames (Club M8+) they cruised easily to beat Agecroft RC ‘B’.

The Dad’s Army crew from Henley Rowing Club who have an average age of 42 and qualified for the Thames Challenge Cup (M8+) were sadly beaten by Royal Chester RC by 2 1/4 lengths today.  The crew had a great pedigree of HRR winners including John Gelling who won the Fawley in 97 and 98, Nick Friend who won the Thames for Henley in 2005,  James Padmore who won the Thames for Thames plus Eton’s rowing coach Rod Edmondson and Claire’s Court’s rowing coach Tom Jost.

Upper Thames RC had a good result on day 2 beating Green Lake, USA in the Club’s M8+ easily by 4 1/2 lengths.

The late races tonight…

6.30pm Shiplake College take on the Deerfield Academy, USA in the JM8+ (Princess Elizabeth)

6.40pm Upper Thames line up against Curlew RC in the Wyfold (M4-)

7.30pm Upper Thames ‘B’ hoping to get into the next round of the Wargrave (W8+) against Nottingham RC


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