Winning Week for Henley Bowls

Henley visited Shiplake in a five mixed triple match last Wednesday. This fixture is a combined OTL/ Plomer Cup league match. It was a very successful match for the Henley team, winning on all five rinks with a final score of 102-64 which gave Henley all 14 OTL points and all 12 Plomer Cup points. Gill Robins with Peter Watkins and Norman Daniells had a very close match being equal at 15 all after fifteen ends but managed to score 2 on the last end t give them a 17-15  win. Colin Ward with Romy Painter and Simon Hatcher were leading strongly until the fifteenth end when the opposition equalized at 17 all but  Colin’s team was able to score on the next two ends to run out winners 22-19. Peter Borsberry with Joan Edwards and Martin Cranstoun led from the start of the match and never lost their advantage, running out clear winners at 24-14. Barrie Davies with Angelika Crisa and Sally Daniells were leading after five ends and continued to increase their score winning 16-11. Dave Wilson with Peter Falle and Jeanie Davies had a spectacular lead throughout the match and ran out convincing winners at 23-5.

On Sunday 2nd July, Henley visited Hurst, one of the oldest Bowling Clubs in England being founded in 1747, in a five mixed triple OTL match. Henley won on two rinks and Hurst on three but with the overall score of 81-77 in Henley’s favour, Henley gained 8 points to to Hurst’s 6. Peter Borsberry with Peter Falle and Sally Daniells had an outstanding game taking the lead from the start and storming ahead to the last end running out convincing winners at 24-6. Henley’s other winning rink was Colin Ward with Peter Watkins and Jeanie Davies. They were 14 all by the twelfth end and managed to run out narrow winners at 20-19. Barrie Davies with Maurice Robins and Joan Edwards were ahead until the eleventh end when the opposition caught up and gained the lead, so Henley went down 11-18. Dave Wilson with Angelika Crisa and Martin Cranstoun were behind from the start and although they managed to reduce the difference to 3 shots by the eleventh end they still lost 10-16. Gill Robins with Keith Lawrance and Simon Hatcher played a very equal match until the fifteenth end when scores were tied 15 all but just faded at the last going down 16-18.


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