Another Great Winning Week for Henley Bowls

Henley visited Caversham on Wednesday 5 July in a five triple PC match, winning on three rinks and losing on two. This was an extremely close fought match with the final score being 83 – 84 but both clubs gained 6 league points. Kevin Currill with Joan Edwards and Steve Sullivan were equal after thirteen ends at 13 all then managed to edge ahead winning by two shots 18-16. Gill Robins with Brian Duddy and Colin Ward were closely matched until the tenth end at 9 all, then they gained the advantage and ran out winners at 17-12. Simon Hastings with Angelika Crisa and Martin Cranstoun went ahead early in the match and held on to their lead, running out convincing winners 24-13. Barrie Davies with Maurice Robins and Jeanie Davies were up against a very strong opposition and could not make up the difference to lose 11-24. Peter Bosberry with Peter Watkins and Sally Daniells were equally matched throughout the match, just trailing by 2 shots on the last end when the opposition scored 4 and Henley went down 13-19.

On Saturday 8 July, Henley entertained Burghfield in a five triple OTL match winning on four rinks and losing on one. The match was interrupted by rain after an hour’s play but was quickly resumed and Henley won with an overall score of 101-77 giving Henley 12 OTL points to Burghfield’s 2. This reversed the result when Henley played away at Burghfield in June. Colin Ward with Joan Edwards and Norman Daniells were behind until the tenth end when they scored a 4, were on level points by the twelfth end but took the lead and ran out winners at 23-16. Dave Wilson with Nigel Bridges and Sally Daniells started strongly but the score was level on the tenth end and again on the fourteenth but they managed to take the lead over the last few ends to win 21-18. Gill Robins with Peter Falle and Martin Cranstoun were facing a very strong opposition but were only 3 shots behind at the fourteenth end. The opposition then started scoring well over the last few ends and Henley went down 9-25. Peter Borsberry with Jeanie Davies and Simon Hatcher started well and never looked back, leading throughout, they ran our winners at 20-10. Kevin Currill with Angelika Crisa and Steven Sullivan were still level by the fifth end but then stormed ahead to run run out convincing winners at 28-8.

The Club held a new One-Day competition on Sunday 9 July, the 2 Wood Singles. Previously played as a Knockout Competition throughout the season, it had never been popular so the Club thought it would see how it went as a One-Day event. As 12 players had entered it was organised into 2 pools of 6 so that each pool member played 5 games.  Each game consisted of 10 ends, played with the jack at pre-set positions, short, mid-length and long with the mat always placed at the 2m mark. This meant the game could be played without markers and sped the game up even more. After the fourth game had been played, the blue pool had two clear leaders but in the red pool there were four players competing for the top two slots. After the fifth game, the first of the semi-finals was played between the winner of the blue pool, Dave Wilson and the runner-up of the red pool, Jeanie Davies. The second semi-final was played between the winner of the red pool, Simon Hatcher and the runner-up of the blue pool, Colin Ward. Again these games were played over 10 ends. The final ended up being between the players who had been the top two of the blue pool, Dave Wilson and Colin Ward. In the round robin games, Dave and Colin had drawn their match at 7 shots each and the final was a pretty similar affair with the score after 10 ends being 6 shots each. Rather than the game being decided on ends won, the final went to a one-end shoot out which Colin Ward (right below) won by one shot. All-in-all a very satisfactory day of bowls and apart from a rain shower just before we started the day, the weather was lovely.


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