Exhibition and Consultation Opens for Phase 2 of Highlands Park

Crest Nicholson is hosting an in-person public exhibition tomorrow (11 July) between 3-8pm at d:two Community Centre at Henley Baptist Church to outline their proposals for Phase 2 of Highlands Park and has opened a public consultation via an online survey.

This consultation will inform the planning applications that will be simultaneously submitted for Highlands Park Phase 2 and a minor replan of a small part of Phase 1 later in 2023. Crest Nicholson has worked constructively with Henley Town Council, Harpsden Parish Council and the local community for several years to bring forward new homes at Highlands Park through the Neighbourhood Plan process. Highlands Park Phase 1 is already sustainably delivering 191 high quality new homes with 40% affordable housing, as well as providing sports pitches, open space, extensive landscaping and a new network of footpaths linking to the Chilterns AONB.

The Phase 2 proposals will deliver:
• 131 new homes (including 40% affordable housing)
• Land for the provision of 20 homes to be managed under a Community Land Trust
• Land for a new home for the Chiltern Centre
• Land for facilities for Henley Town Council’s Parks Department
• Further contributions to the bus that serves Highlands Park
• New foot and cycle paths linking to the Town Green and AONB and adding to the existing network of paths delivered as part of Highlands Park Phase 1

In parallel to this, Crest Nicholson will also be submitting an application to replan a small part of Highlands Park Phase 1, with the employment space and the community centre planned on Phase 1 to be moved to a more prominent location on Phase 2 (as per the JHHNP Review allocation) and replaced 21 further homes on Phase 1 including 8 or 9 affordable homes.

A range of sustainability measures are proposed throughout the development, as well as extensive new planting and landscaping, to ensure that Phase 2 of Highlands Park is a sustainable and environmentally conscious development that will help the Council achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2030.

Christian Morgan, Land Director at Crest Nicholson said: “After many years of Crest Nicholson working in collaboration with Henley Town Council and Harpsden
Parish Council through the Neighbourhood Plan process, Phase 2 will add to the suite of benefits that Highlands Park is already delivering for Henley. Phase 2 will see Highlands Park delivering even more affordable housing, as well as land for a new home for the Chiltern Centre, new footpaths and more. We look forward to discussing our proposals with the local community.”

Highland Park residents are asking on social media when the proposed play areas will be complete in Phase 1. A spokesperson for Crest Nicholson said, “Crest must provide the play area by the 185th occupation, which is currently planned to happen in the first quarter of 2024. The trim trail is part of the network of foot and cycle paths delivered throughout the site that link to the AONB and will be supplemented by those planned for Phase 2.
We understood that no local sports clubs were interested in the sports pitches that were planned. Crest have confirmed that the sports pitches will be delivered and they are in liaison with Henley Town Council about potentially providing toilets and parking associated with these pitches.

To have your say go to https://highlandspark.co.uk/.  The consultation will end on 11.59pm on Sunday 23 July 2023


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