Outdoor Opera Coming to Mill Meadows in August

All Aboard Opera!, an operatic initiative dedicated to bringing innovative and accessible opera to new audiences across the country are bringing their touring show ‘Backseat Stories to Mill Meadows on Saturday 5 August.

‘Backseat Stories’, is based around a new story about five friends, lost on a road trip, deciding to pass the time by entertaining each other with that most ancient of traditions – storytelling. From love to loss, with laughter and with tears. Including Mozart’s ‘The Impresario’, Holst’s ‘Sāvitri’, Lehmann’s ‘The Happy Prince’ and Sullivan’s ‘The Zoo’, the traveling troupe will present a collection of operatic tales.

Audiences are encouraged to bring picnics, friends and families. Relax, sit back, and let us tell them tell you a story.

Katie Blackwell from All Aboard Opera! said, “We’re a female-run company already breaking ground with our unconventional approach to opera, and we know that this ambitious and exciting summer tour will be a really fantastic project.”

The tour will also be coming to Blue Tin Farm in Ipsden on Friday 4 August.

To book go to https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/backseat-stories-2023-2117429


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