Rescuers Want to Check if Elderly Lady Who Fell in River is OK

Update: 12 July 2023

A big thank you to Peter Sylvester and Graham Sharp who helped rescue a lady from the river on Friday. She is a bit bruised and battered but luckily fit and ok.

Also a big thank you to Pete and Stephanie, Ursula and Lorrie.


An elderly lady fell between two boats on Friday evening around 10.45pm on Fawley Meadows into the river and was rescued by two passers-by.

Rescuers, Peter Sylvester and Graham Sharp would like to find out whether the lady is OK after rescuing her.

The lady had fallen in from a boat that was moored along side a floating staycation boat (pictured above).

Peter’s wife, Christina said, I heard a lady quietly saying can someone help my friend she’s fallen in the water?  I just about heard her.  Peter and his friend Graham ran and jumped on the barge where we saw the woman in the water and she had gone under. She was being held by two other elderly passengers from going under again.  The look on her face was pure terror.  Graham and Peter managed some how to pull her out. She was being squashed by the two boats and a dead weight.  We would just like to know that she is OK.”

Please get in touch at if you have any update.


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