On the Beat… Police Update

Henley Police Officer Barbara Taylor gave an update on recent crimes and anti-social behaviour to the Town Council’s Town & Community Meeting.

There have been a number of large gatherings of young people at Fawley Meadows with incidents of anti-social behaviour including a young man carrying a knife who has been banned now from visiting Henley. Barbara said, “We are supporting Henley Regatta who own the land by making more surveillance visits. It has been OK before and during Regatta as they have had security on the site. We have also spoken to the off licences in town and shops who sell vapes to remind them they should be not selling to under age people.”

There has recently been an incident of people camping on Freemans Meadows.

Eight high value cars were stolen in the recent keyless thefts. PC Taylor said, “This was organised crime. They have moved on to other places and are now currently operating in Didcot.”

Councillor Rory Hunt asked about the number of boats he knew had been stolen in the last few months. He asked whether more could be done at locks to identify these.


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