Henley Drop League Points at Watlington

On Wednesday 12 July, Henley visited High Wycombe BC in a five mixed triples friendly match. The game was interrupted twice by rain which made play more difficult and, although Henley won on three of the rinks, Henley lost 72 – 84. Barrie Davies with Richard Kingston and Glynis Holland were ahead from the start and never lost their lead, running out winners 15-10. Colin Ward with Brian Duddy and Trish Jones faced a very strong opposition and, even though holding shot on various ends, could not stop the game going against them and lost 2-32. Peter Borsberry with Jenny Wingrove and Peter Watkins were well in the lead after ten ends but, after the break for tea & biscuits, they clearly lost concentration and the opposition scored a 6 and a 4 soon after. However, Henley fought back and won 21-16. Jeanie Davies with Ramsay Adams and Frank Powell took an early lead but were outplayed by a strong opposition and could not make up the difference losing 11-22. Kevin Browne with Angelika Crisa and Nigel Bridges scored from the beginning and never looked back, running out convincing winners 23-4.

Henley, currently top of the Plomer Cup league, visited Watlington on Saturday 15 July in a five mixed triples match going down 74-94, gaining just 4 points to Watlington’s 8. Kevin Currill with Simon Hatcher and Trish Jones started strongly, were 13 up after eight ends, lost momentum and were only 4 up after thirteen ends, then pulled away to win 19-11. Colin Ward with Peter Falle and Angelika Crisa were evenly matched at 11-8 after eleven ends, but could only score 1 more over the remaining ends to go down narrowly 12-15. Norman Daniells with Joan Edwards and Peter Watkins were evenly matched at 8-8 after ten ends, then pulled away winning 21-13. Barrie Davies with Sally Daniells and Frank Powell were 12 down after twelve ends, picked up a 6 on the thirteenth end, but were unable to pull back the deficit going down 15-22. Peter Borsberry with Andy Scott and Martin Cranstoun were 25 down after eleven ends and only managed to score 5 over the remaining ends going down 7-33.

On Sunday 16 July, Henley entertained Bassetsbury Manor in a five mixed triples friendly running out convincing winners 106-67. Kevin Browne with Martin Cranstoun and Brian Duddy were the highest winning rink leading from the start, picking up a 7 on end eleven then finishing 27-10. Joan Edwards with Dave Palmer and Ramsay Adams were 17 up after twelve ends, comfortably winning 23-13. Peter Borsberry with Keith Lawrance and Angelika Crisa were 10-10 after eleven ends, 14-14 after seventeen ends but dropped a 3 on the final end going down 14-17. Norman Daniells with Peter Falle and Glynis Holland were leading by 11 after eleven ends, lost some momentum but managed to run out winners 19-14. Andy Scott with Sally Daniells and Richard Kingston were evenly matched after six ends, pulled away to 13 up after eleven ends, fell away to just 4 up after seventeen ends, then finished with a 6 winning 23-13.


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