The Classic Roots of Acorn in Tall Tales from the Wild Woods

The Christmas Tree Barn at Christmas Common was the perfect new setting for this year’s Acorn Music Theatre’s summer production of Tall Tales from the Wild Woods.

The show was a mixture of the theatre company’s hallmark roots of dark and light with new spins on traditional fairy tales like Red Riding Hood and The Frog Prince.  The talented company of young people from 8-18 took on curious characters with delight and costumes and props that were inventive and dynamic.  We particularly loved the unicorns and the squirrel costume (the tail made from a feather duster).

Throughout the original music written and composed by the cast and the creative physical theatre techniques brought the stories to life.  The clever castle drawbridge created by the performers and the music sound effects to create the illusion of a ball being thrown and an arrow’s flight were some of our favourites.

The tales, with many having grim undertones, all had a happy ending with many have a morale to them.  As always in an Acorn production there are some classic comedy moments and this year didn’t disappoint – the peeing in the pot won this year’s award.

The show’s script celebrated the beautiful and magical world of trees with tales from the past intertwined with sad modern day nods to the environmental issues we face.

The cast’s faces truly showed the enjoyment they have gained from being part of this wonderful and nurturing theatre company.  Over the years we’ve seen those little acorns grow from those small parts to take on more major roles, a credit to Gail Rosier, Lucy Henwood and the team.

The show will now go on tour to Devon for 2 nights at Start Point Farm.

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