New Javelin Record

A new javelin record for Gillotts School was broken by Year 9 pupil Adam Bennett on Tuesday with an incredible throw of 43 metres.

This was part of the two-day annual Sports Day which saw pupils compete against each other in field sports and track races for their school houses.

Darwin won the sports trophy this year with 1794 points, followed closely by Pankhurst with 1752 and Orwell in third place with 1657 points.

The top girls and boys in each year were:

Year 7
Jack Clements
Isabella Stobie
Kiki Okonkwo

Year 8
Bisan Musa
Ethan Massey

Year 9
Matilda Manly
Sophie Winpenny
Dylan Herbert

Year 10
Elas Bruun
Henry French
Elliot Deacon


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