Work to Start on Friday Street Slipway Moorings on 14 August

Finally it was confirmed yesterday by the Environment Agency that work to remove the moorings blocking the Friday Street slipway will start on Monday 14 August.

Hopefully this long running saga will finally mean that paddleboarders and canoeists will have access to the river for part of this summer.

The saga started back in 2011 when Sorbon were giving planning permission by SODC to replace old moorings with new ones which blocked the slipway.  In the summer of 2020 Sorbon decided to level the slipway with concrete without permission.  In April 2021 Henley Town Council reached an agreement with Sorbon that the slipway would be restored. After no action by Sorbon to remove the concrete, Henley Town Council employed contractors to remove the concrete in December 2021.  It is understood that Sorbon were billed for the work and made payment.  In April this year, two years later from the original agreement, Sorbon confirmed that they had appointed a contractor and work would start to remove the pontoons ready for the summer season.  Further delays and excuses have been made over the last 3 months for the work to start.

Cook pilling who build the Royal Regatta course will be carrying out the work.  Sorbon originally confirmed that the work would take 1 week to complete.

The Henley Society and the River Thames Society along with resident Mark Rowberry have been campaigning to get this reinstatement of the slipway for over 2 years.





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