Proposed Withdraw of Travel Cards Will See 9% Increase in Off-Peak Fares

Henley residents who enjoy day trips or evenings out in London will be hit by 9% increase in fares if the proposed withdraw of one-day Travelcard goes ahead.

A one-day off-peak Travel card is currently £26.20 from Henley including tube travel in all Zones 1-6.  If the Travelcard is scrapped the price will increase to £28.70 (+£2.50).  There is very little difference in peak travel ticket prices.  Older residents with senior rail cards will also see a large increase and will have to register for an Oyster card to gain discount plus the ticket will only be valid on off-peak trains rather than all day currently from 9.30am.

A public consultation has just closed and TfL have announced “The Mayor (Sadiq Khan) has now considered our proposal, and after careful consideration, including information you provided in response to the engagement exercise, an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) and requirements under our funding settlement with government, the Mayor has reluctantly instructed us to give the required minimum six months’ notice to withdraw from the relevant provisions of the Travelcard agreement.”

“It is a requirement of our funding settlement with Government – a deal that was required solely because of the impact of the pandemic – for is to deliver considerable savings and generate significant amounts of new additional income. The Mayor has been clear that the withdrawal of Day Travelcards is not something he would be considering were it not for the requirements of the funding deal.”

During the next six months, TfL and the London Mayor will continue discussing options with the Department for Transport, the Rail Delivery Group and the train operating companies to see if requirements of the government funding agreement can be met with other options.

The Day Travelcards will remain available during the next six months along with existing daily pay as you go caps on contactless or Oyster will not be affected by this.



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