Take to the Skies With Calmness and Confidence

It is estimated that 1 in 6 people have a fear of flying. Some people may have flown happily for years and then develop a fear after a life style change or an event that has affected their sense of mortality.  Many women become more fearful about flying after having children, as they have new responsibilities.  Others have a fear of being out of control.  They cannot see who is flying the plane.  They do not understand how the plane stays in the air.

The fear of flying is a natural and understandable animal fear.  It is alien to us. With many things we do when travelling in today’s world we have to adopt a mind set to cope.  Driving fast up the motorway, getting in a lift, going on a fairground ride.  We have to trust the engineering and the mechanical standards and the people in control.

My Father was an airline captain and as a child I would test him on the vast manuals that he had to memorise and be totally knowledgeable about.  He had medical tests every six months and was expected to keep himself very healthy and fit.  It is generally accepted the flying is one the safest ways to travel, but people get a greater sense of trepidation at the thought of air travel, as there is more preparation for it, and  the language at airports can have quite a dramatic connotation

Some airlines offer courses to try and help people with their fear. These courses often consist of an explanation about the technical side of flying and an opportunity to ask questions such as, why turbulence is a normal occurrence in flying.  The participants may then go on a short experience flight during which the captain calmly explains the processes and procedures.

However, in the past I have had clients come to see me who have not benefitted from this approach and hypnotherapy is extremely beneficial for this type of anxiety.

Hypnotherapy teaches calmness, confidence and relaxation.

In the first appointment I would spend time getting to know what specifically worries you about flying and then familiarizing you with the hypnotic process. I would encourage the client to book a flight, if not done so already.

In the second appointment I would assist the client with performance rehearsal, in which the client, when totally relaxed, envisages themselves flying, calmly and even enjoying the experience.

I also teach the client self-hypnosis, which they can practise if they should feel uneasy on board.

Most of my clients are amazed at how much more relaxed and in control they feel when they next fly.

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