Skatepark Jam Lands Top Slide for Summer Fun

Jumping over skateboards, a speed trial and scooter limbo were all fun competitions organised by Harry & Ollie from ATB Shop at the skateboard park on Makins Recreations Ground yesterday (Monday) in the sunshine.  This was the second Skatepark Jam this summer for young people to enjoy in the holidays.

Sarah Lane from Nomad said, “It’s lovely to see so many young people enjoy the facilities and a big thank you to Community Safety and Soha Housing for organising this event today.”

Harry and Ollie from ATB Shop in Swindon hosted the event.  Harry said, “The kids here are very engaged.  It’s a breeding ground for like new talent.  The kids are very appreciative.  We always get a similar bunch that turn up at these events.  There are some especially the young skateboard scene has gone through the roof here.  Every time we come here, we’re astonished how good a lot of the skateboarders are and we’re seeing more female skateboarders every since the the rise of Sky Brown (GB skateboarder).  We had a girl here at the last event who was really good.  You need a good park for the kids to appreciate it. If it is not a good park, it gets neglected.  Clearly the Council did the right thing by getting Maverick to build and it’s paid off.”

There were prizes of wristbands, stickers, lanyards to be won in a throw out into the large bowl as well as competition prizes.

Elijah Norris won jumping over the skateboards and Ernie Sterjo won the speed trial on a borrowed scooter.  Ernie said, “I came today because I thought it would be fun.  I don’t normal ride a scooter (normally skateboard) so I was surprised I won!”


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