Travel Business Unveils New Inspiration Lounge & Client App

Luxury tour operator Savile Row Travel in Gardiner Place have this week unveiled their new Travel Inspiration Lounge and a client app which holds all those important holiday itineraries and documents.

CEO Richard Lewis, who joined the company in 2021, has grown and invested in the business which now offers all year round holidays and experiences including skiing, cruising and golf holidays.  Richard said, “We’ve curated the new lounge to provide a comfortable place where we can start the holiday journey – getting to know what sort of holiday the customer is looking for and to understand what they do and don’t like, in a nice informal setting.”  The room has a large bookshelf filled with travel books and a TV where videos of destinations can be showcased to inspire that next dream destination.

Founder and Commercial Director Giles Hoff added, “When I formed the company in 2006, I had small office at the top of building, we now have 3 floors and employ 13 people who all have the knowledge and expertise in their field.”

Savile Row Travel believe what makes them different from other tour operators is they not only provide first-class  service, they also layer on those nice touches to make their clients feel highly valued whether that be an upgrade or a special surprise for a birthday or anniversary.

The company has invested in IT both on the client-facing and in-house sides.  Richard commented, “We’re still offering that personal touch with the same level of attention but using the latest technology to grow and complement the business.”

Since Covid, Richard and Giles have seen a big shift in people who would book their own holidays on the internet, many spending hours and hours.  Richard said, “They now want the financial protection of booking through an operator and if things go array again they won’t have the hassle of having to get refunds from all the various parties, e.g. flight, hotel etc. Some are also realising that their time is better spent.”  Giles added, “Also there’s a misconception that you’re getting a better deal if you book things yourself.  We don’t charge a fee but we get hotel rooms at wholesale prices so you get our expert knowledge at no extra cost. We have seen first-hand all the hotels we offer and only suggest a hotel which has the right ambience for our customer. We have close relationships with all our hotels and we revisit them regularly.  You might think you’re getting a deal through but you’ll probably end up in the worst room in the hotel.”

People are also shifting what types of holidays they are looking for too. Giles explained, “One client since Covid said just show me something I’ve never been on!  New experiences people are looking at are hot air ballooning, yachting, moving safaris. Many want to make more memories together with more multi-generation trips being booked.  They want more culture rather than just beach holidays and experiences away in far flung places.”

The company like to support the local community by offering auction prizes to raise money for local sports clubs.  Giles said, “It is an important connection and has raised thousands over the years.”

Thinking of that next dream holiday?  Need inspiration and a relaxing booking journey? Richard, Giles and the team at Savile Row Travel would love to help you.  To start, you could check out their website at


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