Probus Talk – Remembering the Men of Henley

The Chairman outlined the proposed visiting speakers schedule for the remainder of 2023:

  • September 2023: Martin Beek, “The Art of the Thames particularly around Henley & Marlow”.
  • October 2023: Graham Horn, “The Kennet and Avon Canal”.

This month’s guest speaker was Mike Willoughby who talked about “Remembering the Men of Henley Who Died in Two World Wars”. Mike has been incredibly active in researching the people from Henley who died during the 2 wars and has summarised his findings in 2 books. The first world war book is entitled ‘Bringing them home, Men of Henley 1914-1921, Lest we forget’ and the second world war book is entitled ‘Bringing them home too, Men of Henley on Thames and Local Villages who gave their lives 1939-1946, Lest We Forget’. Mike’s talk explained in detail the problems associated with going back into history trying, with the help of members of the local community, to establish all of the facts associated with missing people which, at times, became very emotional.

Mike was, at the end of his talk, thanked, on behalf of all the club members, by the club secretary, Dave Murray.

Henley Probus meets at Badgemore Park on the second Tuesday of each month; it starts with an informal gathering of its members (plus Visitors) for a discussion and coffee, with the formal meeting commencing at 1130 followed by a lunch.

If anyone is interested in joining the Club, please make themselves known to Roger Griffiths our Membership Secretary (01491575137/email or to any Club member that you may know.

Further details of the club can be found on the Club website which can be accessed on


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