Turning Back Time 2019 – Ed Sheeran Enjoys Henley Ale Trail

We have many famous visitors to Henley but Ed Sheeran has probably been the biggest celebrity name in the last 10 years (apart from Festival performers) and those that met him that day all kept their photos off social media until the next day as asked.  We hope he’ll come back and visit again soon…

Ed Sheeran Enjoys Henley Ale Trail

Music legend Ed Sheeran came to Henley yesterday to enjoy the Brakspear Henley Ale Trail.

He visited the town with four friends and went to The Angel on the Bridge, Three Tuns, The Old Bell, The Anchor, The Saracen’s Head and The Rowbarge.

Mel Roberson, Landlady at The Saracen’s Head said, “He was such a lovely nice normal person.  He spent quite a long time here chatting with Colin my husband and having a game of pool.  He said that the Ale Trail was a great idea as where he lived there was only one pub.  He joked about the steps down to the toilet and said that I bet a few people had fallen down these after a beer or two.”

He went to The Rowbarge at about 5.30pm, Landlord Jolyon said, “He was extremely humble and shook hands with all the locals. He was with friend who has bought a house in Henley and said what a lovely place it is.  He was very interested in the connection of George Harrison with the pub and we showed him the photo of him.”

Ed converted a barn at his home into a pub in Suffolk which at Christmas he named The Lancaster Lock after his wife Cherry Lancaster Seaborn.

Marketing Manager for Brakspear, Emma Sweet, said: “We’re delighted that Ed has completed the Ale Trail and had a chance to enjoy our pubs, which are so much a part of the social life of the town. “We hope to see him sporting his Henley Ale Trail t-shirt on stage, and also hope that he’ll join us at our annual Ale Trail party in January. We always book a live music act for the party, so if Ed would like the gig, we’d be very happy to consider him!”

Details of the Brakspear Henley Ale Trail are www.henleyaletrail.co.uk/. Participants have a full year from starting the trail to visit all 10 pubs and claim their rewards.

Wouldn’t it have been great if Stewart Collins from Henley Festival had bumped into Ed yesterday and asked him if he would come back and play at the Festival?


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