GB Hockey Players Visit Henley Hockey Club

Henley Hockey Club (HHC), hosted two master class sessions last Wednesday at their training ground on Reading Road.  Charlie Shaw, Head Coach and GB Women’s players Alex Malzer and Lily Walker delivered the sessions to children from Years 1- 5 and Years 6-11.

The event itself was organised by Kat Green, the lead coach for the U8/10s at HHC, following some volunteer work that Alex Malzer had previously undertaken with the club.

Kat said “The impact that Alex made on the children was so positive we looked at the possibility of doing a summer camp” and despite the short notice period, the event was well attended.

Many of the children in attendance were members of the HHC but there were some from other clubs in the local area. Charlie Shaw said, “The aim of the day was that everyone had fun and enjoyed the day.” Charlie also said, “It is good that most of the children do not know each other as they are different age groups, so it was good for them to play against and with each other, and to support each other.”

Lily Walker and Alex Malzer had taken time out of their busy training schedules with the GB team, to attend these sessions, especially as the EuroHockey Championships take place in Mönchengladbach, Germany next week.

Lily, who lives locally, said “I came down to see what the talent was like within the area and more importantly to encourage the kids and inspire them to have a dream in hockey or any sport of their choosing.”

With the younger players enjoying the sunshine in the morning, the afternoon session was for the older children, where they were taught more technical drills with further specialised coaching and 1:1 coaching for goalkeepers, given by Katie Shaw, who is looking to be selected for GB in the near future.

One of the young players, Lockland Collis said “I really enjoyed playing hockey and working with the coaches and I enjoyed learning to dribble the ball backward.” Whilst Max Mortimer’s favourite part of the day was “learning to execute the hook turns.”

Ella really enjoyed ‘Thunderball” and ‘Rollerball’ which is a warm-up game that mirrors the game Hockey.

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