Only 2 Postboxes Left in Henley With 5pm Collection Service

Looking to post something first class to arrive the next day after 9am? There are only now 2 postboxes in central Henley which are collected at 5pm even those that were labelled priority postboxes (and still labelled) during Covid have been changed from a 5pm collection to 9am e.g. the two on Greys Road.

The Royal Mail confirmed that a notice was put on the postboxes notifying of the change in time after a 4 week notice period. Did anyone see these?

The only postboxes now offering a 5pm collection are outside Waitrose (5pm) and at the Post Office (5pm).  The Delivery Office on Reading Road still offers a 6pm collection service.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “A significant decline in letter volumes – down 60% since their peak in 2004/5 – means that many post boxes no longer cover their costs and contain very few items of mail, meaning collecting from these boxes is not efficient.

“Rather than decommission uneconomic low-use postboxes, since 2014 we have been improving the efficiency of our collections arrangements by using our Collection on Delivery initiative. This means the mail collection from these postboxes will be carried out by the local postman or woman on their delivery route, at a time dependent on where the postbox is located on that route. This has enabled Royal Mail to protect the 115,000 postboxes across the UK.”

Details of postbox collection times can be found on Royal Mail’s Services near You page.

For those who normally walk to their local postbox it will mean that people will have to get in their car to drive to either Waitrose or the Post Office if they have an urgent letter to post.  Not great for the environment either!

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