Marlow Rotary Club Presents Large Cheque to The Chiltern Centre

The Chiltern Centre were delighted to receive a cheque this week from Marlow Rotary Club for £768.

Chris Kelsey, outgoing President of Marlow Rotary Club presented the cheque.  He said, “I’m doctor (a rheumatologist) and I knew about the centre over the years and the work they did and Emma Lerche-Thomsen (Chiltern Centre Fundraiser) is a personal friend so that’s why I raised the money.  I raised some money for the Centre in 2015/2016 when I was last President.  It was raised through the President’s auction which included things that people didn’t want like discarded presents, things in the loft etc.  Street collections seemed to have gone out of fashion and that’s how we used to raise money but now we put on events and raise money that way.  I think it’s phenomenal the work that they do here.  It’s particularly difficult to look after disabled people with neurological disorders.  It’s very time consuming and it’s obviously expensive and I hear that there are plans to build a new centre so any money we can raise we will support them.”

The Chiltern Centre Manager Gareth Groves thanked the Rotary Club for their donation saying, “The donation is lovely and it will go towards providing opportunities and activities for the people that we support here and enabling them to achieve positive outcomes.”

The Chiltern Centre have been offered land in Phase 2 of the Highlands Park development where they are planning to build a bespoke new centre for respite care for young disabled adults with 8 bedrooms.


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