Retired Councillor Calling for Waitrose to Install ATM

Retired Henley Town Councillor, Martin Akehurst is calling for another cash machine in town and has suggested to Waitrose that they look into having one installed.

Martin said, “I have significant concerns regarding the Henley on Thames Waitrose.  All cash machines have now been removed from town now bar one in an extremely exposed position on a narrow pavement outside the local Sainsbury. There is, however, one a mile away outside a large Tesco offering free parking as well. I have had concerns recently from a number of members of the public and members of the Henley on Thames Waitrose staff. This is likely to cut the store footfall even further. The Henley Waitrose is a main part of the town and needs to survive. On a recent call with Waitrose main office however there was little enthusiasm for this. I was asked if I’d like to speak to the cash machine providers myself. To get one installed in Waitrose I asked? Silence.  Can our local Waitrose look at providing a cash machine with some urgency please?”

Today (Tuesday) there were no ATMs working in the centre of town with HSBC recently closing, the Sainsbury one out of order and the one inside Nationwide was not available as they are closed today.  You can draw cash at the Post Office but there are quite often long queues to do so.



  1. Paul Harrison says:

    Like Martin Akehurst I’m very concerned with the lack of cash points in Henley. Yet again forcing us into becoming a cashless society. Brixham in Devon also faced this problem but in their case they worked with the banks and the post office to create a banking hub where you could withdraw and pay in money along with other basic services. They also had a regular weekly schedule of other services from banks tied to specific days of the week.

    Surely a wealthy financial centre like Henley should look to create a similar banking hub.


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