Council Agrees £100K Loan to Kenton in Display of Commitment to the Arts

At a special Henley Town Council Full Council meeting last night which was closed to the public and press, the Council in a display of commitment to the arts and culture has decided to provide a substantial £100,000 loan to The Kenton Theatre. The financial assistance aims to bolster the theatre’s cash flow, aiding its resurgence after a challenging period and reinforcing its vital role in the community.

The Kenton Theatre, an integral part of Henley-on-Thames’ cultural fabric, has faced its share of hardships over the past few years. However, a rejuvenated leadership team, a dynamic new business plan, and an infusion of renewed energy have set the stage for a bright new chapter. The theatre’s new faces are determined to usher in a sustainable and thriving future, reinvigorating this cherished institution.

With an unwavering dedication to securing the theatre’s lasting success, The Kenton Theatre’s new management is making strategic changes that will pave the way for its long-term sustainability. The infusion of the £100,000 loan from Henley Town Council will provide the necessary boost to stabilize the theatre’s financial position, enabling it to implement crucial upgrades, enhance programming, and invest in facilities. This injection of funds will play a pivotal role in fostering an environment where creativity, community engagement, and cultural enrichment can thrive.

A spokesperson for Henley Town Council said, “We are thrilled to stand alongside The Kenton Theatre during this pivotal moment, reinforcing the town’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and diverse creative scene. This partnership demonstrates the council’s dedication to nurturing local talent, promoting artistic expression, and preserving the historical significance of The Kenton Theatre within the town’s identity. We believe that with the infusion of this loan, it will emerge stronger and more resilient, continuing to enrich our community for generations to come.”

Tara Macleod, the new Chair of the Kenton Theatre, added “We are delighted to receive this funding from HTC. It is an important vote of confidence in our ambition to take The Kenton to the next level. The Kenton is more than a building. It is an idea and a belief. It is a major community asset, and we are looking forward to securing its position as a leading attraction in the town.”


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