Norman’s Team Wins on Shot Difference

Henley Bowling Club held it’s annual Mixed Triples competition on Sunday. 8 teams battled it out in a round-robin event of 7 games each of 5 ends per game. By chance the two leading teams played their final match against each other. Gill Robin’s team with Peter Watkins and Brian Duddy already had a maximum of 12 points so Norman Daniell’s team with with Martin Cranstoun and Glynis Holland who only had 10 points had to win convincingly – the stage was set.  Norman’s team started strongly with a 4 on the first end, Gill Robin’s team gained a 3 on the next end then dropped 7 over the final ends thus Norman’s team gained 2 points to be level with Gill’s team. A worrying time ensued as the shots difference was calculated. Gill’s team had a shot difference of +15 but Norman’s team had a shot difference of +22 so Norman’s team were the victors! There were great celebrations and commiserations to the winners, runners-up and everyone who had taken part. It was most pleasing to see our newest bowlers Colin Fall, David Dickie, Ian Gibson, Glynis and Roy Holland taking part. A most enjoyable time was had by all, although many of were exhausted after playing 35 ends! Chair Sally Daniells wrapped up the day congratulating everyone for taking part and playing so sportingly.

In other club competition matches, Henley Bowling Club played Reading 0n Wednesday 23 August, in an five mixed triples OTL match, winning on four rinks with a score of 99-77, resulting in 12 points to Henley and 2 to Reading. Gill Robins with Steve Sullivan and Peter Falle dropped 2 on the first two ends but scored regularly to be leading 21-4 after thirteen ends. Although Reading reduced the deficit by 8 over the remaining five ends, they were unable to stop Henley’s highest winning rink finishing with a score of 24-12. Peter Borsberry with Jeanie Davies and Peter Watkins were equally matched after six ends then pulled away to be 8 up after twelve ends at 13-5. They finished with a winning score of 19-10. Dave Wilson with Norman Daniells and Angelika Crisa were 9-9 after ten ends, then pulled away to be 7 up after sixteen ends and managed to run out winners at 17-13. Kevin Currill with Simon Hatcher and Sally Daniells were 6 down after nine ends but pulled back to only 1 down after eleven ends. By the fourteenth end they were 3 down but picked up 9 on the next two ends to lead by 6 and, although they dropped 5 on the last two ends, they held on to win by 22-21. Colin Ward with Andy Scott and Joan Edwards struggled over the first nine ends to be down 3-12. However, they then picked up a 4 then a 7 to lead 14-12 but they couldn’t maintain their momentum over the final ends and went down 17-21. Top place in the league is all to play for. Henley are still in second place behind Burghfield but with a game in hand and, if Henley can take maximum points against Hurst at home on 16th September, they will overtake Burghfield to the top. However, mathematically, Reading could overtake both clubs if they earn maximum points in their 3 remaining games.

On Saturday 26 August, Henley entertained Watlington in a five mixed triples Plomer Cup match with a winning score of 102-73. The 10 points scored could consolidate Henley’s position at the top of the table. Colin Ward with Sally Daniells and Hylton Jenkins were the highest winning rink. They led from the start and were 12 up after eleven ends, dropped 5 over the next three ends but finished strongly with a score of 26-11. Gill Robins with Martin Cranstoun and Peter Falle were leading 12-10 after ten ends, 12-12 after eleven ends but then pulled away to win 24-16. Andy Scott with Frank Powell and Trish Jones were 4 down after four ends, 5-5- after eight ends but took the lead from there and won with a score of 19-10. Peter Borsberry with Peter Watkins and Angelika Crisa took the lead from end five and didn’t look back, winning with a score of 19-12. Norman Daniells with Simon Hatcher and Romy Painter were fairly evenly matched after eight ends but dropped a 5 and a 4 over the next two ends to be 12 down after ten ends. From there they were unable to pull back the deficit and went down 14-24.


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