Ramsay Wins Novices Bowls Competition on Last End

Henley Bowling Club held its Novices Competition on Saturday which had been converted to a one-day event last season so that new members could take part in the season in which they joined. There were 12 entrants, 6 of whom had joined this season. They were split into 2 drawn Pools of 6 playing a round-robin of 5 games, 6 ends each. To speed up play, the rink was set up with 3 pre-marked jack settings, short, medium and long. With the weather being perfect, the bowling started at 10:30am and 3 games were played before lunch and 2 afterwards. The top two of each Pool then played a semi-final, again of 6 ends with pre-set jacks. Top of the Blue Pool, Peter Menhinick, played Hylton Jenkins who was runner-up in the Red Pool. Ramsay Adams who had topped the Red Pool played Nigel Bridges who was runner-up in the Blue Pool. Both semi-final games were close fought affairs with Ramsay beating Nigel by 1 shot and Peter’s and Hylton’s game having to go to an extra end which Hylton won. The final was then played between Ramsay and Hylton. The format was the same as the Pool games and the semi-finals and was won by Ramsay on the sixth and last end. The day was enjoyed by all with plenty of spectators. Well done to Ramsay (pictured right above) and Hylton.

The club enjoyed two friendly matches against Maidenhead Thicket and Amersham last week.

On Wednesday 30th August, Henley entertained Maidenhead Thicket in a friendly five mixed triples match. The result was quite close with Henley just winning 89-82 having won on three of the five rinks. Peter Borsberry with Hylton Jenkins and Ramsay Adams were again the highest winning rink. They were only 4 up after nine ends but finished strongly scoring 17 shots over the remaining nine ends to the oppositions 4. The final score was 27-10. Norman Daniells with Rod Grant and Ian Gibson who was in his first representative match, were 9 up after six ends, wer pegged back to 9-6 after eleven ends and then pulled away to win 15-8. Andy Scott with Frank Powell and Angelika Crisa were 10 up after seven ends, pulled back to 14-11 after eleven ends but hung on to win 21-15. Colin Ward with Trish Jones and Brian Duddy were fairly evenly matched 6-8 after seven ends, fell away to 8-21 after thirteen ends, then scored regularly only to lose narrowly 17-21. Jeanie Davies with Peter Watkins and Richard Kingston came up against a strong triple, they struggled from the start and went down 9-28.

On Sunday 3rd September, Henley entertained Amersham in a friendly four mixed triples match winning on three rinks with the score 72-49. Colin Ward with Hylton Jenkins and Jeanie Davies were the highest winning rink although after eight ends they were evenly matched at 7-6. They then scored heavily over the remaining twelve ends to finish with a score of 30-8. Andy Scott with Peter Watkins and Angelika Crisa were evenly matched at 8 all after nine ends, were down 11-13 after fifteen ends but picked up a 5 on the next end to run out winners at 17-14. Gill Robins with Martin Cranstoun and Richard Kingston were leading 9-3 after nine ends, 9 up after twelve ends but failed to score over the final six ends. However, they hung on to win 14-12. Peter Borsberry with Kevin Browne and Jackie Handley were evenly matched 9-9 after fourteen ends but fell away to go down 11-15.



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