Happy Camp-ers Love Carr’s Crazy Celebrity Stories

“I hate being Camp!” is one of the first things Alan Carr tells the audience on Thursday night at the Kenton in his warm-up for his recent tour show ‘Regional Trinket’.  He doesn’t need to worry, as his loveable camp-ness is then cheered afterwards when he prances around the stage showing off his legendary effeminate style.

Alan starts the show talking about his experience of doing the TV shows Who Do You Think You Are? and DNA Journey and a hilarious impression of US President, Joe Biden.  The endearing funny stories then move on to growing up, working in a supermarket before Alan lavishes the audience with his showbiz stories including being married by Adele at her home in LA and being taken to see Celine Dion’s show in Las Vegas afterwards with another incredibly funny impression of her.  Singer, Gabrielle’s eyes and friend Amanda Holden are the butt of a few jokes – it seems no one is off limits.  With sadness, but with hilarity Alan talks about his marriage which has since ended and the experiences of living with an alcoholic and living on a farm with his former husband.

Throughout the show, in a very warm theatre, Alan continues his high-energy, bouncing around the stage, stopping only a few times to wipe his brow and making fun of his ‘Brazilian’ hair and not wanting a wet ‘w’ to show on his highly decorated white shirt.  He calls out the audience members who have to leave the auditorium show –  a true master of ad-libbing follows with Theatre Manager, Lottie Pheasant explaining her ‘drama’ when she returns that the till system went down.

Talking about writing the show, Alan tells how he was writing it on a train ride – the following visual story of man wiping the screen with a body part is eye-watering comedy at its best!

All through the show, Alan is slick in his deliverance and cleverly links back to stories and jokes earlier in the show.  He’s so at ease with himself and loves to take the micky out of his body and being gay which is why he’s become a national trinket and treasure to many.

After the show, Alan said he was looking forward to touring in the US next after his appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race being shown there.  He said he didn’t know how he would be received but said, “It’s an itch I’ve got to scratch.”

It was the second warm-up show Alan’s performed at the Kenton, the last one in 2019.  We hope he returns again, bringing his laugh-out loud comedy with all his adorable camp-ness with it!


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