Kenton Teams Up The Chiltern Centre for First Show

This year, the Kenton Theatre have teamed up with local charity, The Chiltern Centre to enable young adults with disabilities the opportunity to practice the performing arts on stage, culminating in a live performance for family and friends on Sunday (17 September).

The Chiltern Centre will be performing Bahdoon: Different and isolated, Bahdoon the lion cub faces a world that shuns him for his uniqueness. Branded an outsider by his village, Bahdoon is banished to a lonely jungle. There, he grows into a formidable lion, mastering the art of survival. But when a fearsome dragon threatens his old village, Bahdoon must confront his past and find the strength to protect those who once rejected him. A tale of bravery, acceptance, and redemption, ‘Bahdoon: The Lion’s Triumph’ is a heartwarming story that reminds us that our differences can be our greatest strengths

Pamela Lee from The Chiltern Centre said, “We are incredibly grateful for this new and exciting partnership with The Kenton Theatre which will give our young adults at the Chiltern Centre the opportunity to explore their creative side, while working towards a live performance for friends and family for the very first time. The Chiltern Centre is always seeking enriching opportunities for the young adults in our care to explore, gain in confidence and grow in independence, allowing each and every one of our young adults to lead full and fulfilling lives. Thank you to the Kenton Theatre who have supported this project, we can’t wait to show you what we can do on September 17th!”

Lottie Pheasant, Kenton Theatre Manager said, “I am thrilled to welcome The Chiltern Centre to The Kenton for its debut theatre performance. Assisting a local charity in this way is exactly what The Kenton Theatre Community Fund is all about and The Chiltern Centre is a very worthy recipient of our first grant.”




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