Council to Seek Recompense for Illegal Mooring Jetty

Henley Town Council’s Finance, Strategy and Management Committee discussed what action they should take on the last finger jetty at Singers Park (nearest to The Angel on the Bridge) that was installed by Sorbon Estates without planning permission in 2012.

In 2011 Sorbon Estates were given planning permission for the new floating pontoons with 16 finger jetties, including one on land owned by the Town Council, for which they did not have the Council’s consent.  In 2012, Henley Town Council investigated the encroachment but there was no resolution to the matter.

After the campaign to remove the jetties that were blocking the Friday Street slipway started, the Council were reminded by a nearby resident of the extra jetty.  Town Clerk, Sheridan Jacklin-Edward said, “Following lengthy investigation into this issue, the Council has agreed to obtain a valuation for the finger jetty at Singers Park and enter into negotiations with Sorbon Estates for a fee for the granting of the rights for the unauthorised finger jetty on the Council’s land.”


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