Update on Neighbourhood Plan Housing Sites

With only 3 out of the 11 approved housing sites from the adopted 2016 Joint Harpsden and Henley Neighbourhood Plan completed or nearing completing, we thought it would a good to let our readers know the status of each of the sites plus the Northern Field at Highlands Farm which was added as new site in the 2021 JHHNP review.

Homes have been built in King James Way (Oakford Court) and Greys Road (16 homes), Albert Court on the old Jet Garage on the Reading Road (53 McCarthy & Stone assisted living apartments) and Highlands Park Phase 1 (170 homes). Site V (TA Centre in Friday Street) was removed from the JHHNP in the 2021 Review.

Site A1 Land West of Fairmile (71 dwellings comprising of 51 houses and 20 flats)
Last amended plans submitted November 2022.  No planning decision yet.
Henley Town Council agreed to relocate slow worms from site to 40 Acre Field off Tilebarn close in January 2022.  Henley Town Council have sold land to give access to this site.
Planning Application: https://data.southoxon.gov.uk/ccm/support/Main.jsp?MODULE=ApplicationDetails&REF=P19/S2350/FUL#exactline

Site C Gillotts School Field (50 dwellings)
Delay due to access to site. The school has advised that the access issue is close to resolution.

Site E Empstead Works/Stuart Turner (mixed home/commercial 42 dwellings)
An application is expected in the first half of 2024, with engagement from the developers before then.

Site F Chilterns End (27 dwellings)
Care Home closed in December in 2016.
Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) have advised that the land will go on the market shortly.

Site J 357 Reading Road (50 dwellings and relocation of Henley Hockey sports club house & Town Council Depot)
Henley Town Council owned site
Original plans for joint Henley Hockey/AFC Henley clubhouse was halted in March 2021 after being unviable.
New proposal for redevelopment started in 2022. Further information for the outline planning application has been requested by SODC.

Site M1 Northern Field at Highlands Farm (mixed use and 110 dwellings)
Crest Nicholson have collated points from the public consultation in July 2023. These will be included in the statement of community engagement.  A planning application from Crest Nicholson for the full site including 110 dwellings, commercial units, new Chiltern Centre site and community hall will probably be submitted by them in November 2023.  The Council have reminded Crest Nicholson that parking and toilet provision for the sports pitches in Phase 1 are essential.

Site X Henley Youth Club (23 dwellings)
After several applications for a care home on this site over the last few years a residential flat scheme is expected to come to consultation shortly.

Site Y Chiltern Centre (3 dwellings)
Chiltern Centre are negotiating with both Crest Nicholson and OCC.


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