Councillor Hinton Takes Over as Mayor

Councillor Kellie Hinton, Henley’s Deputy Mayor was voted in to take over as Henley Mayor after Councillor Sarah Miller stepped down last week due to health reasons last night.

Sarah has has taken a leave of absence after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time.

At the Full Council Meeting last night at the River & Rowing Museum Councillor Hinton said, “Sarah hasn’t had much luck during her two terms being Mayor. In the first term, we had Covid dominating our lives and it’s fair to say that Sarah didn’t experience a normal year as those of us who have had the role before and indeed after.”

“I was very pleased back in May this year to rectify this in some way and to be able to nominate Sarah for a second term, not only because Sarah is the most approachable and glamorous mayor, as we fondly tell her, but because she is an extremely hard working councillor and has a real passion for Henley.”

“She assumes the role of the number one citizen perfectly. When Sarah first informed me of her health concerns, she was, as she ever is, completely upbeat, more concerned for how those around her may take the news and determined to continue on, but realistic about the possibility of needing to step back.”

“I know Sarah never wanted to let anybody down. She powers on, usually with a smile on her face, and it’s a hard decision for her to resign as mayor because Sarah wants to naturally help people. She commits and she follows things through, but we can all agree that some things are more important to prioritise and our health must come first.”

“I know I speak on behalf of all of those who know and work with Sarah in the town council when I say we are sorry to see Sarah step down as mayor, but that we are grateful for her continuing as a councillor and to support us.”

Kellie thanked the councillors who proposed her for their words and support. She said, “I do have a habit of turning up in this role somewhat unexpectedly.

“I’m honoured to be able to step up to this role on behalf of my friend and colleague. This year is not about me, actually, or my contribution to the town, but about continuing on with Sarah’s good work so far.”

Newly elected Councillor Rory Hunt who was elected in May was voted in as Deputy Mayor.  He said, “Kellie, I look forward to supporting you in this year. I know you will do an excellent job. I know that this council is filled with some really excellent people that do a lot for the town. At this time, we all wish Sarah a very speedy recovery and forward to having her back.”

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