Valley Road Celebrate Harvest With Some Rock ‘n Roll

Valley Road School hosted their Harvest Festival last week, inviting parents to come along and watch outside in the sunshine on the playground.

The children performed two action songs Let’s Harvest and Harvest Rock ‘n Roll before inviting the parents to sing along to the school’s favourite Harvest song, Cauliflowers Fluffing.

Headteacher, Tim Coulson welcomed everyone.  He said, “It’s the first time the Reception children are performing and they are so excited.  We are so proud of them, it is a huge thing for them.  It is lovely to see you here for the first time this year and we look forward to welcoming you back for dare I say the Christmas plays.  The produce you have kindly donated is the most we’ve ever got and they (Nomad Henley Food Bank) are going to be so grateful when we take it down there.”

School Councillor, Biba from Year 6 talking about the donations for the food bank said, “It’s unfair if you haven’t got enough money to buy food.  It so nice that even if you are poor you can get some food and be the same as everyone.  I think they will enjoy getting the drinking chocolate and the treats like the biscuits.”


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