Restore Nature & Give our River a Voice Campaign Launch

In the battle against sewage pollution and its devastating impact on our local environment, Henley Mermaids along with Henley, Marlow River Action Group and friends are taking action and inviting people to join them on Friday (13 October) to launch a campaign to restore nature and give the river a voice.

They have invited Cathryn Ross – CEO of Thames Water to join them for a dip and are awaiting her reply!

The grassroots campaign will kick off with a lunch-hour event at the Friday Street slipway from 2pm, where you can learn about how the community will unite for a cleaner and healthier river.  Bring your lunch, have a cup of tea and cake. You’re encouraged to bring banners, wear fancy dress or spectacular outfits! Highlights of the event include:

  • Informative talks by environmental experts on the consequences of pollution
  • Inspirational speeches from community leaders who are passionate about restoring nature.
  • A call to action for community members to get involved in our ongoing efforts
  • Feel free to bring a cossie, and dip a toe in the river alongside the Mermaids and friends.

Henley Mermaid, Laura Reineke said, “Our rivers and waterways have long suffered from the harmful effects of sewage pollution.  The environmental consequences are dire, affecting aquatic life and polluting the very essence of our natural heritage.  It’s time to stand up and say enough is enough.”



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