Judy Murray Makes Surprise Visit to Henley Tennis Club Juniors

Henley Tennis Club had an ace Sunday morning when renowned tennis coach and former Fed Cup captain, Judy Murray, paid a surprise visit to their junior players. Head Coach Tom Scott had reached out to the tennis icon, who was scheduled to speak at the Henley Literary Festival, and much to his delight, she accepted the invitation to meet their young athletes.

Upon her arrival at the club, Judy Murray was greeted by two of the club’s young assistant coaches, Flo Wakeley and Tom Francis, before being introduced to seven of Henley Tennis Club’s young players and their parents.

Judy wasted no time in sharing her tennis expertise. She introduced two new games to both the coaches and parents, who also got involved in the action. Despite their prolific guest, the children showed no signs of nervousness, producing some fantastic tennis whilst also having loads of fun. The children were so inspired and energised by Judy’s visit that they continued to play for an hour after Judy left.

Some of the children who participated in the session later attended Judy’s talk at the Literary Festival. During the event, Judy spoke warmly about the club, saying, “I went to Henley Tennis Club this morning and it exactly what I think a local tennis club should be: five courts, a little mini court, a hitting wall, lots of parents sitting around, and a lovely wooden clubhouse.”

At the Literary Festival, Judy Murray discussed the importance of fun in coaching and sports, stating, “It has to be fun! […] Children should watch less YouTube clips and more whole tennis matches with good commentary.” She also highlighted the significance of creating a supportive environment for girls in sports, emphasizing that “girls need to be surrounded by a group of girls if you want them to stay in any sport.”

Head Coach Tom Scott expressed his gratitude for Judy Murray’s visit, saying, “We are extremely grateful to Judy Murray for giving up her time to visit this special tennis club. It was such a wonderful experience, not just for the players but also for the coaching team and parents. It was a very special and memorable day!”


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