Tesco Taking Action on Car Racing

Modified cars have been racing along Reading Road and around Tesco car park again late on Sunday evening.

This was the second time there has been a car meet.  The first took place on 8 September with residents complaining of loud noises caused by explosions from exhausts and spinning around the car park late into the night.

Henley resident Samantha said, “The car racing on Sunday (8 October) made it sound like Silverstone had moved to the Reading Road. With rockets going off as well, it sounded aggressive and frightening and woke both me and my 11 year old son up at about 10.45pm. After 30 minutes of constant noise, I called the police using the non emergency number and they said that they had had lots of reports of car racing around the county and that they were trying to dispatch cars to sort them out. However I certainly never heard any sirens and it was well after midnight when the noise died down.  It would be horrific if a car got out of control and a person or an animal was hurt and it was really alarming hearing the exhausts bang and the wheels screeching. I am told that the racers meet in Tesco car park and wonder if that could be blocked off somehow when out of use. That might help!”

Chloe Emmett, Store Manager at Tesco said, “I am aware of last night’s car meet in my car park, and it was reported to the police and security support via Tesco. It is a huge safety concern for us also with colleagues still at work entering and leaving the premises. So, I want to assure you we are acting.  I am pleased to confirm that Tesco head office have approved the signage for the enforcement hours. Maximum stay of 2 hours between 6am- 8pm, 1 Hour Maximum stay between 8pm-9pm and 15 minutes Maximum stay between 9pm – 6am daily & 6pm – 12am Sunday. With a No return within 1 hour. I hope this gives you confidence we are acting. There for once signage is up the cars will receive fines and not return.”

We have asked Thames Valley Police South & Vale for a comment on what action they were taking.

  1. Andrew John Selden says:

    A time notice of course will provide complete deterrent. As to the “fines”..what’s Tesco going to do, have a fine person stationed in a little hut all night? I’m sure the police will be sitting by their phones , waiting for Tesco’s call…

  2. Kathryn Solly says:

    Driving home to Reading from Henley last night Saturday January27th around 11: 30pm we had to join a long queue of cars along the Reading Road to go home. There were many smart, engine revving, fast cars amongst them and lots of young people. The roundabout near Tescos was a mass of cars haphazardly parked on pavements and any free spaces as young people hurried down towards the car park. We did not hang around and there were no police in evidence.

  3. Alexandra says:

    I was returning from Reading last night with my boyfriend and came across a lot of cars revving their engines, near tesco roundabout ,when we arrived at his house, cars were racing up and down the narrow streets and this continued up until 12.30 am !! Something needs to be done about this, as this cannot continue!! The police should be around, as this affects the normal car users and residents who just want to be able to use the roads safely and have a quiet night with out listening to that racket !!


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