What is the Best Time to Take off for Flights to Dubai from Heathrow?

Dubai is one of the most popular holiday hotspots, with more than 14 million tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates city every year. A large proportion of these people are from the United Kingdom, as it’s easy to travel between the two locations.

Someone thinking about travelling to Dubai from hubs in the UK such as Heathrow has a few things to consider. Flights leave from the capital at different times of day, so it’s important to choose the best take-off window that can minimise jet lag and maximise your holiday.

Flight Duration and Time Difference

There are various ways to fly from London airports to Dubai, allowing travellers to shop through different deals to see what prices are available. By running a quick search, tourists can view a vast list of options from the main airports in the UK capital and select the best one that suits them. The average flight is seven hours, which some would say is the ideal amount of time. It allows travellers a chance to get comfortable and enjoy some food and drinks but isn’t too long that they get bored.

One thing to consider when flying to Dubai is that you’ll travel forward in time slightly on the way there. The city operated on Gulf Standard Time, which is four hours ahead of the UK. That means that you will technically arrive there 11 hours after your time of departure from the UK. However, you regain those four hours on the way home. This time difference is a crucial factor to consider when deciding on your departure time.

Departure Times

Some would argue that the preferable flight time to travel to Dubai is early morning. This allows you to get to the city in the late afternoon or early evening, meaning you can have a relaxing evening meal while adjusting to the new time zone. This can minimize the shock of the time difference and may force you to go to bed at the new time to set your body clock for the next day.

Another good option is to take an overnight flight and sleep for the entire journey. If you take a late evening flight from Heathrow and manage to get some shuteye on the way, you can wake up in the morning in Dubai feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. This is preferable for people working as artists or on business trips, who may need to maximise the amount of time they have in the day. Taking flights at other times of the day may be risky, as you could end up arriving in Dubai in the middle of the night. This would potentially confuse your body clock and make it hard to adjust to the new time zone.

When you search for flights to Dubai, you’ll be faced with an array of options from Heathrow. It’s important to remember to choose a time that can reduce the risk of jet lag and get you to the city at a reasonable time. Therefore, early-morning or late-evening flights from the UK are advisable. It’s also worth considering train times to Heathrow, so you can leave your home at a time that works for you


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