The Salon Talk – How AI Can Transform Your Business

AI technology which has exploded in the last 12 months was the subject of last week’s The Salon networking breakfast event with AI expert Louisa Livingston at The Relais hotel.

Louisa explained how generative AI can transform your business. Having worked with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury and entertainment brands, Louisa shared her experience of using leading software ChatGPT and how it makes many of her day-to-day tasks easier and much more efficient however she offered a balanced perspective, acknowledging that while AI is transformative, it cannot wholly replace the irreplaceable human element.

ChatGPT is leading the way according to Louisa which was launched last year and exploded after it reached 100 million users in 2 months; the quickest ever download.  Others are being developed by Amazon and Google.  “There’s a lot of fear and lots of enthusiasm.  People are worried that AI will take our jobs.  It will change the way we work but not replace us.” commented Louisa.

Louisa explained to get great support from ChatGPT you require good preparation, articulate your requirements, refine your questions at every step and check and judge the response.  She outlined 10 key steps to prompting (what you are asking) which included acting as the role you want to assume and the context of your situation.

Even though the ChatGPT premium version ($20 a month) now allows you to search everything on the internet to put together research, Louisa says you still need “to do your own fact checking and you need to set the direction and use your skills to navigate. It will enhance what we do but it will never be perfect.”  Coming up with product ideas/names, creative writing, social media posts, research, proof writing were all things Louisa said ChatGPT does well.  The speed at which ChatGPT can work was highlighted by Louisa when she said it had been set a task to read The Great Gatsby book with an additional sentence in and it found this sentence in just 11 secs!

Looking toward the future, the advancements in AI are encompassing image, video, audio, and 3D technology however there are growing concerns regarding copyright issues, AI integration in education, and data privacy. In light of the privacy concerns, Louisa recommended opting out of chat history to ensure the privacy and security of users’ interactions with ChatGPT.

The next The Salon social event is on Thursday 23 November for a unique wine tasting with 67 Pall Mall, the world’s first group of private Members’ Clubs founded by wine lovers, for wine lovers.  For further information go to




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